Netex simplifies the process of finding websites

Internet use is growing, and all of us carry out more daily activities online. The number of websites and online services is enormous, and it's not so simple to find the appropriate result quickly. When we search online, we often receive hundreds of thousands of results, but only a very small portion of those will actually satisfy our need.



Netex offers a search engine that doesn't search – it finds!

More Intuitive
The unique service that netex offers enables end-users to conduct their search according to areas of interest or keywords, using colloquial language, Hebrew or English, while ignoring spelling mistakes and typos, and deciphering meaningless terms that were accidentally typed. In each of these cases, the wanted result will be found!

More efficient
The netex search engine not only understands what the user meant, but is also (and most importantly!) targeted: It is the only engine that directs the user to websites, and websites only, and does not flood the user with other content (such as articles and general information), which is not necessarily needed.
The search takes the user directly to the website that he/she is interested in, or displays a list of sites relevant to the words typed, with the option to sort and filter the results according to various features and geographical location. The result – a fast, efficient search that gives focused results.

More friendly
The search can be done from the netex homepage, or directly from the browser's address bar using software that can be downloaded free of charge from netex website.
With netex, there is no need to remember and type the accurate website address!
When the user searches for a specific website, he/she will directly be taken to it. For example, a user wishing to reach Bank Hapoalim's website, or Facebook, can type the search phrase (e.g. "facebook", "bank hapoalim") in English or Hebrew in the address bar, and directly reach the desired website.

More relevant
The search engine is constantly updated based on statistical data analysis of popular searches, search topics, search combinations, geographical locations, and various search features which users entered, and displays the most popular websites. As a complementary service, netex displays Google results for locating general information or website content.





Over 1.4 million users in Israel don't search anymore – they find!